The Big List – 200+ and counting

Groups/Organizations with Active Websites:

Link Individual or org name, other info Region American Association for Cell Phone Safety – Right Action LLC California, USA SF grassroots coalition to remove, block installation of smart meters San Francisco, USA Wireless radiation poses risks to pregnancy – helping expectant mothers limit exposure The Bioelectromagnetic Society – Scientific Society for Electromagnetic Biological Effects District of Columbia, USA BioInitiative Report – Report by leading scientists and researchers around the world Canadians 4 Safe Technology; started by Frank Clegg, former Microsoft Canada President Canada Children As Victims Inquiry United Kingdom Blog of Lynn Quiring, RPh, CCN, NMD Non-profit membership organization founded in 1996 New Mexico, USA Independent database of EMF safety resources Citizens for a Radiation Free Community North American non-profit of concerned parents, scientists, and lawyers Sidney, British Columbia, Canada Dedicated to researching EMF remediation in relation to Autism Premier database of virtually all EMF health groups, organizations, websites; project of IEHA (International Electromagnetic Health Association) Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Wiki Tombstone Smart Meter Network Tombstone, AZ, USA Blob by Barb Payne EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) Blog in English, Hebrew, and French by Dafna Tachover, Esq. (NY, Israel) MBA Environmental Health Trust, led by Devra Davis, PhD Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection Ireland The EI Wellspring – Practical Tips for Coping with Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity EMF health news and petitions Electric Forester Investigations United Kingdom Educational site for EMF health by Lloyd Burrell Informational website by Camilla Rees, MBA co-author with Dr. Magda Havas of the book “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution” Electromagnetic Man United Kingdom Dr. Magda Havas-supported website Center for Electrosmog Prevention California, USA German database of scientific literature on EMF health Germany Discussion and voting system for the IEHA – International Electromagnetic Health Association EMFacts Consultancy – Don Maisch Australia Husband-and-wife team’s body of work on EMF pollution Independent database of EMF safety resources New Website of the 220 Scientist from 39 or more nations Appeal to the United Nations EMF Wise EMR Health Alliance of BC British Columbia, Canada Australian EMF science database run by health activist Lyn McLean Australia The EMR Policy Institute Marshfield, VT, USA Electromagentic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa South Africa Independent consumer advocacy/watchdog group specifically concerned with EMF safety Environmental Radiation LLC by Steven Magee Blog of green political activists devoted to EMF-related concerns E-newsletter founded by Rod Read in 2003 United Kingdom Grassroots group based in Fairfield, Iowa Fairfield, IA, USA Swedish Association for the ElectroHyperSensitive Sweden First Do No Harm blog Human Ecological Social Economic United Kingdom International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety Venice, Italy International EMF Alliance Electrosensitivity in Ireland Ireland Invisible Hazards EMF Surveys United Kingdom Political initiative for governmental regulation of EMF Parents’ group based in Ontario, Canada Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Blog of Dr. Lennart Hardell (scientist) on EMF/EMR Sweden Blog of alternative health activist Shivani Official website of noted EMF researcher Dr. Magda Havas Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters Richmond, ME, USA EMF safety forum with a focus on telecommunications masts Telecommunications masts watchdog group in the United Kingdom United Kingdom Telecommunications masts watchdog group founded by Lisa Oldham in 2002 United Kingdom & Ireland EMF safety activist mobilization resource page Alaskan EMF activism blog Ketchikan, AK, USA Coalition for Health, Against Smart Meters, Florida Florida, USA Official page of the widely-cited magazine Microwave News Netherlands-based EMF safety activist website in Dutch and English The Netherlands Consumer protection advocacy group focused on EMR United Kingdom Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research United Kingdom National Association for Children and Safe Technology Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Naperville, IL, USA No Smart Meters No Smart Meters Florida Florida, USA No Smart Meters Indiana EMF activist branch of the Occupy movement Gallery of images and maps, visual learning tools for study of unnatural oscillations Canadian parents’ group blog Canada Wonderful resource for health effects on children of WiFi, cell towers, etc. United Kingdom-based archive of scientific literature on EMF health risks United Kingdom Practice Safe Tech Caramal Holistic Health Vancouver, Canada United Kingdom-based charity offering scientific evidence on EMF to the public United Kingdom Independent database of EMF safety resources Mendocino County, California anti-smart meter group Mendocino County, CA, USA Sacramento, California anti-smart meter group Sacramento, CA, USA Hawaiian anti-smart meter group Kauai, HI, USA Electromagnetic Radiation Safety by Dr. Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley Canada Maryland-based blog concerning EMF in schools Framingham, MA, USA Safe Tech for Schools Maryland Maryland, USA Official site of activist author Sam Milham, MD, MPH Affiliate page of Concerned Citizens For Safe Technology Canada Sedona, Arizona anti-smart meter group Sedona, AZ Show The Fine Print – tell cell manufacturers to be up front about RF safety California analog meter advocacy group Siskiyou County, CA, USA California cell tower awareness group Burbank, CA, USA Smart meter awareness project Michigan Smart Meter Awareness Network Michigan Smart meter news and awareness Smart meter news and awareness California, USA Smart meter news and awareness Florida, USA Current And Up to Date Global Smart Meter News Smart meter news and awareness Maine, USA Smart meter and RF health Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance United Kingdom GUARDS – Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Safe – Stop the global WiFi Initiatives Arguably the most popular site for smart meter information Stop Smart Meters UK United Kingdom Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in British Columbia BC, Canada Stop Smart Meters Florida Florida, USA Stop Smart Meters Georgia Georgia, USA Stop Smart Meters Hawaii Hawaii, USA Stop Smart Meters Irvine (California) Irvine, CA, USA Electrosmog health information Official website with info and activism of award-winning documentary film Take Back Your Power Washington Wireless Awareness Washington, USA Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless, Electric, and Electromagnetic Pollution Canada EMF safety news aggregate New Mexico, USA WiFi in Schools Australia Australia Small group of scientists devoted to EMF-related topics and concerns Working for safe technologies for nurseries, schools, and colleges United Kingdom Wired Child Ltd.; registered charity no. 1129682 United Kingdom Council on Wireless Technology Impacts California, USA Wireless Right to Know Wireless Watch Blog

Facebook Pages and Groups:YouTube Channels:

Link Last User Count Individual or org name Other info like region, etc 3697 Stop Smart Meters BC, Canada 5974 607 251 346 1169 622 489 Stop Smart Meters Illinois, USA Illinois, USA 57 Smart Meters – Informed Choices 58 STOP SMART METERS IN NC 174 Smart Meters Information 640 82 1590 Artists Against WiFi 265 295 493 345 871 No Smart Meters Indiana Indiana, USA 655 1566 Smart Meter Education Network 56 873 Stop OC Smart Meters 33 Winnebago County, IL Smart Meter Awareness & Action Illinois, USA 2323 186 Parents for Safe Technology Ireland Ireland 2820 41

YouTube channels:

Link Name EMFacets The Meter Man Windheim EMF Solutions Stop Smart Meters! (UK)

Groups dedicated to other environmental health in addition to EMF:

Link Individual or org name Other info like region, etc Environmental and Human Health, Inc. MDs and Ph.D.s – organization based in North Haven, CT, USA International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology The People’s Initiative Environmental Working Group

Formerly active websites:

Link Individual or org name Citizens Against Unsafe Emissions Public research program in California; defunct, site still active for historical purposes Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology

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